Kitchen Jams

March 12, 2016

Mad Dragon Media caught up with Alyssa Joseph, Drexel’s very own singer-songwriter, before her show with Henri Tyler, Kashish, and Matt Sharayko. Alyssa is the creator and star of Kitchen Jams, a weekly acoustic series currently located in the kitchen of Westphal Dean Allen Sabinson. 


MDM: This past summer you were in Nashville, home of the first ever Kitchen Jams.  How would you compare the music scene in Nashville to the music scene in Philadelphia?

Alyssa: Yeah, I did my co-op at a kooky Indie Record Label in East Nashville which is really cool because a lot of people think Nashville is commercial country, that’s what it’s known for, but there’s actually so much music there.  There’s a huge scene, like in Philly, but everything is a bit more polished. Rather than our DIY punk, Nashville has indie rock and Americana.


MDM: Did you have a specific venue or concert that stood out to you there?

Alyssa: I went to at least four shows a week so I got to experience a lot. I played an open mic at the Bluebird Café, which was really an incredible experience as a performer and also as an audience member.  My parents also came to visit and I went to see a show at the Grand Ole Opry that was just magical. 


MDM: The first Kitchen Jam was recorded in Nashville. How did that come about?

Alyssa: The other intern at my label had a camera and Drexel MIP alumni Sam Pita also moved to Nashville while I was there so I though “I have video and I have sound so I need to record something for my YouTube channel.” We procrastinated and the last night the three of us were together I was supposed to be at work at a showcase and I said “guys we didn’t record anything” and, being last minute, we had no location.  We had these great ideas that we would do it along the Cumberland River and with the Nashville skyline in the background, none of that happened, but I had a really cute kitchen! So we decided to use my kitchen and thought “what if I could call it Kitchen Jams that would be so funny,” and now we have Kitchen Jams!


MDM: You have quite a few shows coming up including three more Kitchen Jams in Dean Allen Sabinson’s kitchen as well as the 3rd Planet Festival at World Cafe Live.  What are you looking forward to the most this year, career-wise?  

Alyssa: Me and my friend, who’s also a local Philly artist, are partnering up and we’re going on a weekender, the first weekend in March and we’re looking at a longer week and a half tour in April or May but I’m really excited for the weekender, which is next weekend! We’re exploring North Jersey and ending it at a house show in Brooklyn, starting it at WMSC Radio on March 4th at noon.  It’s my first radio experience which is really exciting.


MDM: Who would you consider your greatest music influences? 

Alyssa: Regina Spektor was a big one for me when I was growing up.  I started out playing piano and the moment I realized I could incorporate piano with my singing was really life changing for me.  She has this one song called Samson, which I learned on piano and it was the first song I really played and sang at the same time.  She is such an incredible vocalist and just such an unconventional woman, which I really liked and took from.  I’ve always really been into female singer songwriters like Adele, Taylor Swift, and Ingrid Michelson of course. I grew up on Madonna, Celine Dion, and Queen; there was a wide variety in my house. 


MDM:  If you had the opportunity collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Alyssa: For a lot of reasons, because of his talent, but also from a business perspective, probably Ed Sheehan, just because I think it would be an intelligent career move and I really do think he is a phenomenal songwriter and we’re kind of similar in the sense that he does perform mostly solo and right now in my career that’s where I’m at


MDM: Can we expect an album or any more music from you this year?

Alyssa: Right now I’m really focusing on Kitchen Jams and trying to bring new and creative things to them as well as collaborate with people and bring them to new kitchens.  I’m also looking to play more shows in Philly so I have the gig at World Cafe Live coming up and I’m looking to do something at Tin Angel soon and just a lot more live shows! I’ll also be recording an EP but it won’t be released until I’m sure it’s ready. 




If you’re interested in seeing Alyssa perform at the next Kitchen Jam you can find more information and sign up at !!  All Kitchen Jams are available for viewing at