Mad Dragon Records

Hometown: Detroit, MI 
Genre: Alternative & Electronic
Releases: Making Moves (2012)

Female fronted, electronic-infused rock that hurts to listen to. Part of the Making Moves series.

Hometown: Asbury Park, NJ 
Genre: Elecro/Indie Rock
Releases: Making Moves (2012)

New world secret pop. Part of the Making Moves series.

Hometown: Richmond, VA 
Genre: Indie Rock/Pop
Releases: Making Moves (2012)

Goldrush is a result of four friends that are knee deep in the worlds of orchestral arrangements and rock and roll music. Part of the Making Moves series.

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI 
Genre: Indie/Electronic
Releases: Making Moves (2012)

This is our adventure.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 
Genre: Indie Rock
Releases: Making Moves (2012)

Brooklyn trio that sounds clear, insistent and delicate all at once. Part of the Making Moves series.

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN 
Genre: Indie Rock
Releases: Making Moves (2012)

Minneapolis pop punk band continues to make beautiful music. Part of the Making Moves series.

Hometown: Chicago, IL/Brooklyn, NY 
Genre: Electronica
Releases: Limo (2012)

Chicago natives, creating passionate electronic sounds over infectious hooks.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Genre: Hip-Hop/Soul
Releases: Boombox Logic (2010)

An enticing blend of funk, soul, and rock come together in a sound that is definitely outside the box.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Genre: Psychedelic Folk-Rock
Releases: The Spinning Joneses and Hezekiah Leaves

Collaboration of two of Philly's folk's finest.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Genre: Indie/Blues Rock
Releases: Whisper Down the Lane (2010)

Reviving the classic sounds of old-time gospel and country-blues, in a modern, head-turning way.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Genre: Americana/Roots
Releases: The Holy Open Secret (2009), Hoots & Hellmouth (2007)

A fierce, foot-stomping, and soulful blend of American roots music.

Hometown: Deerfield, IL (Chicago) 
Genre: Alternative Rock
Releases: The Redwalls (2007)

British invasion inspired, infectious indie-pop gems

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Genre: Folk/Rock/Singer-Songwriter
Releases: Motherpearl and Dynamite (2008), The Way Home (2007)

Creates exquisite lyrical vignettes steeped in folk tradition

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock
Releases: People are Soft (2009), Fighting Trees (2008)

Melodically/Lyrically driven upbeat pop quartet, prominent guitar distortion.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA 
Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Rock
Releases: One Day Die (2011), Kingdom Underground (2008), Winter Child (2006)

Emotionally charged singer songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. A true craftsman.